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Summer Day Camp

Through our Preschool Summer Day Camp, your child will have the same enjoyable experience you had years ago. Values such as respect, trustworthiness, honesty, caring, and self-expression are emphasized as 4 to 12 years children engage in such appropriate activities.

Weekly, our program features a different theme. Why themes? After years of operating preschool childcare and camp programs, we have found what does and does not work, and through refining our strategy, we now offer the best of the best!

What does a day at Children’s Nest preschool summer day camp entail? Every child will get to experience and participate in carefully planned, age-appropriate activities, drawing from a wide span of resources. Students are grouped by age and are offered with the option to engage in structured activities or pursue their individual interests.

Because children are still developing their taste buds, our lunch servings are specifically designed for preschoolers’ preference.

Some of the features of our Preschool Summer Day Camp Program include:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack are provided for every student
  • All teachers are CPR & First Aid certified
  • Cooking activities
  • Science & nature activities

Is Your Child Ready?
Many parents see summer camp as a great way to get their preschooler ready to attend preschool or kindergarten. But, like sending a child to preschool, there are some things to consider before deciding to send your child to a summer day camp. Has he been away from you for long periods of time? Is she potty trained? Does he follow directions and transition from one activity to another without too much incident? These key indicators can help you make your decision. And if you conclude she isn’t quite ready yet, it’s OK, there will always be an opportunity next year.

Your children will have fun doing the following:

WACKY WATER WEEK – Water, water everywhere! Activities will revolve around water parks, water play, pools, sand and beaches. Children can relax and have some fun in the sun.
SPORTS ZONE – Many new sports will be presented and enjoyed during this week. Sportsmanship skills and team spirit will abound.
ALL ABOUT ART – Children will explore many art forms. They may explore and create with clay, paint, beads, tile, wood and paper, just to name a few. Creative expression will be presented through individual and group projects.
STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER – Celebrating and learning about the great United States of America will be the focus of this patriotic theme. Wave your flags and march along.
BACKYARD SCIENCE – What would summer be without the gifts of nature? Children will discover the little critters, bugs and plants that live around us. Respect and protect Mother Nature will be the motto.
ANIMAL ANTICS – Whether on land or at sea, animals are fascinating. You won’t want to miss the excitement of the research and discoveries about animal and marine life.
ROCKIN’ RECORDS – The beat goes on as children enjoy music and movement, laughter and singing.
PLANET CRÈME – Children will look beyond Crème, their community and the planet earth to discover what’s out there. Space exploration and discovery will be the next stop for starship Crème.
WHAT’S COOKING? – One of a child’s all time favorite things to do is eat. In these summer programs for kids, children will have the opportunity to revisit some favorite foods and experience new tastes as well, as they learn to plan, shop and prepare some fantastic treats.
THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT! – The show must go on! Through self-expression and dramatization children will have the opportunity to try on new roles through music, puppetry, plays and skits.
OUTDOOR ADVENTURES – When you think of summer you remember outdoor activities like flying a kite, skipping rope, hiking, playing in a cool pool or looking for cloud shapes while sitting under a shade tree. This theme will give children the opportunity to make those memories too.
FESTIVAL FUN – Everyday will be a festival of fun, yet some days will be extra special. The summer will end with a celebration of all that was learned and all the memories that were made.