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Parent’s Section

Summer has begun! Each week I will try to plan a fun and exciting event for the kids! But I will need some help from you Parents. We will need some items donated by you. As well as assuring that your child is ready for the appropriate day so they will not feel left out. Below will be week 1 which will start Monday June 15th.

MON JUNE 15th: Pajama day. Child can wear pj’s slippers bring in a stuffed Toy and pillow. We will need popcorn and juice boxes for this day.

TUES JUNE 16th: Game day. Child will be allowed to bring in a favorite game from home as well as any electronic game such as a tablet, leap pad, game boy..

WED JUNE 17th: Camping day. Child can bring a sleeping bag and flashlight and favorite book from home. We would like to make snores so we will need marshmallows grahmcrackers and chocolate bars.

THURS JUNE 18th: Show&tell day. Child may bring any item from home to share with class. Even a small pet is allowed. Example… small hamster in cage, hermit crab, small fish…

FRI JUNE 19th: Water day. Each child will need a towel and a change of clothes. Child may wear a bathing suit underneath their clothes but make sure to pack on underwear. And a bag for wet clothes and towel.

Family Involvement

Children’s Nest believes on the importance of an open door policy and family involvement creating a partnership between families and teachers. There is compelling information from research about the importance of both for the successful development of every child.

All children want to feel pride in their families, and that pride will probably influence how the child’s feels about herself. Current research shows that families are critical to children’s success. We thinks that the findings of some of those studies are an important foundation to your philosophy about family involvement and to your decisions about the role you will play in your child’s education.

Benefits for Children as Students

When schools and families work together, children have a much better chance for success, not just in school, but throughout life. The benefits for children may look like they are too broad for your thinking about young children, but if you keep in mind that patterns for success begin in early childhood, then the benefits have much relevance. The benefits of family involvement include :

  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Better attendance and more homework done
  • Fewer placements in special education
  • More positive attitudes and behavior
  • Grealer enrollment in post secondary education

Many of the feelings about learning and school begin at home. The development of attitudes, values, and lifelong habits calls for a partnership between the early childhood educator and the families.

Benefits for Families

The benefits to families are encouraging and especially critical when you think about the difficult issues that today’s families face while raising children. The major benefit to familes is that they experience and increase of confidence in themselves and in their child’s educational program. That kind of confidence is bound to increase the levels of involvement of families in children’s education, and ultimately children’s success in school.

Benefits for School and Communities

The benefits that schools gain form family involvement and open door communication are improved teacher morale as well as higher ratings of teachers by parents. It follows that if teachers are feeling valued and there is culture of energy and positive thinking, children will be affected and learning will be enhanced. Other benefits include the kind of assistance and support families can provide to programs. Sometimes, it’s an extra pair of hands; sometimes, it”s resources from a parent’s hobby, career experiences, to travels. That support and help again influence the quality of educational opportunities that are offered to children. Ultimately, those schools have students with higher achievements and everyone feels good about that kind of benefit. It makes sense that those schools would also have better reputations in the community. Most communities care about the education of the children who live in them. Those schools that produce high achievement will naturally be valued supported by community members.

Procedure for Family Concerns/Complaints

Our setting believes that children and parents are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt, careful attention to their needs and wishes. We welcome suggestion on how to improve our setting and will give prompt and serious attention to any concerns about the running of the setting. We anticipate that most concerns will be resolved quickly by an informal approach to the appropriate member of staff. If this does not achieve the desired result, we have a set of procedures for dealing with concerns.


We aim to bring all concerns about the running of our facility to a satisfactory conclusion for all of the parties involved.

Making a complaint/Addressing a concern

Any concerns a parent/guardian has regarding the preschool should be brought to the attention of the preschool teacher first. Questions or concerns that are not satisfactorily resolved between the parent/guardian and the teacher should be brought to the attention the Director who will investigate the concerns. If the Director cannot resolve the matter satisfactory, and if the concern is one that might endanger children, parents should contact our local Department of Children & Families (DCF) who is statutorily responsible for the administration of child care licensing and training throughout Florida. Their purpose is to ensure that children are well cared for in a safe, healthy, positive and educational environment by trained, qualified child care staff.

If the concern or grievance involves the teacher, it should be brought immediately to the attention of the director. If your concerns are not resolved satisfactory, you have the option of terminating services with Children’s Nest or if the concern involves the endangerment of children, contact your local Department of Children and Families.

The following page contains Children’s Nest Staff Contact Information and Office hours.
Thank you!

Any questions please ask Ms. Jody as this is for older kids only.